Lightning Talks

Join us at the new Whole Foods in Tempe this month for lightning talks / show and tell / crates you should know.

Lightning Talks

Topics Included:

  • Binary serialization for bootloader protocols.
  • Rust and WASM in a Chrome extension
  • Elixer and Rust and OpenCL
  • Command line argument processing
  • Handy tools like clippy, cargo-expand, cargo

Web Assembly

Join us at HeatSync Labs for a tour of web assembly from Rust. Last months web talks left more questions than answers so we dig deeper into Wasm.

Come help us knock out some topics like:

  • Exporting Rust crates to NPM
  • Serverless with Cloudflare and Amazon
  • A continuation of our frontend web talk
  • The future of wasm outside of the browsers as scripting languages, on desktops, and even microcontrollers

Frontend Web

Join us at HeatSync Labs for a tour of front end web work in Rust. Yep, were doing front end in Rust, too. Theres a lot to talk about so help us by knocking off some of these topics:

  • static site generators
  • single-page application (SPA) and web apps
  • isomorphic web apps
  • elm inspired frameworks
  • virtual dom libraries
  • jsx style templating
  • and of course web assembly

Cross Compiling Rust to Your Pi

Daniel Bank has been working with Snips offline machine learning stack and explains the ins and outs of cross compiling for a different architecture than you're machine.