Reactive Rocket on AWS Lambda via @mysteriouspants


Blog Post:

Chris showed everyone how to write a lambda in Rust and deploy it to AWS. He wrote an excellent blog post describing the process in detail. The project uses the AWS Lambda Runtime and the lambda-web crate, which adapts requests from API Gateway V2 passed through the Lambda runtime to Rocket. Actix and Warp are also supported Rust web frameworks.

Async Bluetooth on the BBC micro:bit Microcontroller via @jacobrosenthal


Jacob wrote an example async Bluetooth LE program for the BBC micro:bit microcontroller.

The project makes use of the following crates:

The program allows us to read and write data to a dummy BLE characteristic, which we did using the nRF Connect app (available for Desktop, Android, and iOS).

Some additional reading materials:

Crates You Should Know

  • probe-rs: A collection of on chip debugging tools to communicate with microchips.
  • probe-run: Runs embedded programs just like native ones
  • flip-link: Flips the memory layout of embedded programs to protect against stack overflows
  • lambda_runtime: AWS Lambda Runtime
  • lambda-web: Run Rust web frameworks on AWS Lambda