Cross Compiling Rust to Your Pi

Daniel Bank has been working with Snips offline machine learning stack and explains the ins and outs of cross compiling for a different architecture than you're machine.

Backend Web Frameworks

Theres several production ready frameworks and the Rust working groups are also working on a new player, Tide. Well discuss the ecosystem in general and then well have Christopher Miller talking about his use of and its design decisions vs Tower.

Well probably keep most front end chat for another (next months?) meetup but maybe a brief digression. So come with your questions and help set the agenda.

Scientific Computing

First Chris Miller talks the ins and outs of making your own crate. Then Daniel Banks talks regression and classification over data sets. Finally Craig Bishop will close with 3D math and simple rendering with Rust using the crate cgmath. Think: vectors, matrices, transforms, projections, Phong lighting, and image output.


I know there are folks in our community already making drones, stepper drivers, robots, and more so well have plenty to talk about.